Monday, January 26, 2015

The Ropes - Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug (Official Video)

Interestingly enough - someone sent me this dope video back in November and randomly the song kept playing on repeat in my head tonight.. Sadness is the rich man's drug.. It sure is.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


So I know I haven't posted in awhile and honestly... My interests have turned predominantly to social service and helping others move forward in the world so I've been MIA here but I'm just in such a good mood that I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

2014 was a phenomenal year. It was fantastic. So many positive things have happened and some shitty things have happened as well.. Either way - this year has been a step forward and I'm sending my positive wishes to everyone for 2015. 

2015 might see the demise or revamp of this site but I love you for reading. 

Take it easy!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Yo y’all… so it’s the end of the month and you know I couldn’t let a whole month come and go by without saying what’s up and playing up a couple of tracks. This month belonged to my girl FKA Twigs who definitely had the best new release of August with her debut album, LP1.
From what I've been reading about young twigs, homegirl has been working on her craft for more than a minute and honestly she manages to create something that's more than real. She takes R&B to a whole new futuristic level that's beyond experimental, fully emotive yet never giving everything away. 

LP1 is a fantastic release and although twigs stayed dropping pensive, artistic gems all year - this album recognizes something bigger out of her that is beautiful, womanly and enchanting. 

Stand out tracks include Two Weeks & Numbers. Those are the ones that really hit me super hard. Check out her video for Two Weeks below and check out that album. 

Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Have you ever walked down a street and been lured into a bar by a magnetizing unknown force?
That totally happened tonight.

The magnetizing force?
- Five Alarm Funk.
The bar?
- Lee's Palace. 
The time?
- A few hours ago. 

I don't know much about how or when Five Alarm Funk formed and I can't give you any details about their back story other than the fact that they are all good looking dudes, they're amazing musicians and they're from Vancouver. However, what I can tell you is this; once you've heard one minute of the music that they play -  no matter how far you are, no matter where you are, no matter who you're with and no matter what you're doing - you'll be hooked. They are too dope.

On a personal level, I've had a ridiculous amount of writer's block over the past month, mainly because I haven't heard any new music worth stopping my time to write about and other-wise because I'm typically busy as shit. However, a single show by this before unbeknownst-to-me band has willed me out of my writing stump and into dumping just buckets and buckets AND BUCKETS of praise onto these guys.

Seriously, I did not expect to hear something so good at random tonight. I didn't. They play a unique and overwhelmingly out-of-the-box style of funk music that I really have a problem defining as solely funk. It's undefinable really, even if they are called Five Alarm Funk. Much like a five alarm chili, there are so many ingredients here that makes this band's music mad delicious.

From what I counted there are 9 members in this band; three percussion-based, three wind-based, and three string-based. You can just tell, by the way that they play, that each of them is a talented, almost legendary instrumentalist in their own right and on their own terms. Together though, ohhh together, they are insane! They blend of a variety of funk and soul styles. You get a real feel of some African tribal rhythms, some ska/rock stylings, reggae flavour, latin american funk, afro-cuban type funk, deep James Brown sounding type soul, bluesy guitar moments shit I can't even explain all the different types of sounds that I heard tonight. Not to mention, outside of the music, these guys play with so much energy. It was pure, raw power.

There's this scene in Gladiator, I think it is, where the horse is running at full speed to bring the Gladiator back to his home and is running so fast and with so much power and strength that when it reaches it's destination it just collapses and dies. That's the feeling you get with this band. They play with this power that you can just breathe in, you can just it feel all around you, it's palpable and everyone in the room was moving, jumping and dancing. It was incredible. Five Alarm Funk gave everything they had to everyone who was present, without holding back any personal energy for themselves. They killed it.

Now mind you, as much as I'm hyping them, I have never heard of this band before, but I will never forget what I experienced tonight. It was something pure. I didn't see a sea of phones recording anything, there was no pretension, no bullshit, it was just a really good time. Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to experience it one of these days.

Check out their track, Wash Your Face below.

Check out the Five Alarm Funk official website by clicking here.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


So it's time for a new post and this is a linkup link-hop talking about 20 year old Toronto producer, drummer and beat-maker extraordinaire, Burnykun. New to the game and making music suitable for a night out with your boo or a solo chill, there's something here waiting to be blown up.

I heard this track by Burnykun recently called Pause and I just thought it was very forward thinking. It just sounds like Toronto (if that makes any sense). The beat's dope, and the vocals by young Toronto songstress & bass player Saya Gray are beautiful, raspy, and understated. It's sexy and it's definitely worth a listen.

Check out Burnykun on SoundCloud by clicking here.
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