Friday, January 7, 2011

TBR is DOWN with the Freshness!

TBR's D.O.W.N. 


 This week's D.O.W.N. is by Marie the HAWC.

Not Homeless, Just Not Home Yet out April 2011!

Every once in a while, people find themselves in an unanticipated place at an unexpected time. And on some of these rare occasions, this break in routine can lead to an unforeseen discovery. Such was the case with Melodic. 

A few weeks ago, on a blistering cold day, I found myself downtown with a little bit time to spare and a hungry belly. This predicament led me to Kensington Market, where I was on a single minded mission to satisfy my craving for a patty & coco bread. As I went about this task, I was approached by this dude who asked me if I wanted to buy his CD. 

Now, nobody goes outside in -20°C weather to sell CD’s if they’re not serious, and somebody who’s willing to do that deserves at least a minute of my time. 

So a few minutes later, patty in hand, Melodic was singing for me in the middle of the street. And to my surprise and enjoyment, he sounded good! So I copped the CD but didn’t have time or means to listen to it until a little bit later. 

As nighttime came; Christine, Chantel and I were driving through the streets of the city and I figured it was about time to check his music out.  Here’s what I thought of it.

Generally speaking, I really liked the tracks. What surprised me was the style of the music- a blend which Melodic calls “reggaesoulhop”. There’s an undeniable reggae base, but at the same time, you can hear the influence of other genres. This is especially apparent on the track “You”, which has some interesting swing inspired instrumentals. My only criticism that I have would be of the mixing of this song, because I feel that the instrumentals overpower the vocals. Since a major part of what makes these songs great are the lyrics- the stories and messages that are there to inspire and uplift- this is an issue for me. 

Mr. Melody himself
Something that was a plus for me is that everything that I heard was G-rated, and suitable to play in front of your granny without catching a beating.  In other words, no “Warning: Explicit Content” labels required, which is nice considering half the time I can’t even play the radio in front of my mom without it getting really, really awkward quick. 

Melodic and I got a chance to talk about his music, and where he finds inspiration, he told me that he finds it in all aspects of life, including previous mistakes. Musically, artists like Jimmy Cliff, Tupac, Slick Rick and even Johnny Cash are sources of inspiration. 

The album Ride On Natty is due to be released around March/April, but until then, you can check out Melodic’s Music video right here, or listen in on Reverb Nation. 

 This weekend check out Melodic and get some reggaesoulhop in your area. 

Melodic - Ride On Natty


  1. Awesome post! It's so cool that you guys are getting artist interviews.

  2. it was a really great interview to do, and he was super cool about it :)