Friday, January 13, 2012

A Slightly Political Post from the one, the only MARIE THE HAWC!!!

Happy New Year Everybody!

The HAWC rippin shit up! 
I hope that yall had a good holiday season, and thoroughly enjoyed Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, Winter Solstice, or whatever celebration of your choice/personal belief system is applicable.

I was fortunate enough to be able to do some traveling, and during the course of my journeys, I ended up in Brooklyn.

I'm going to assume for a minute, that since you're reading this blog, you listen to music. And although we feature a wide variety and array of artists here, you probably listen to some of the same artists that we do. If you're into contemporary R&B or pop, you may listen to Beyonce (she did end up on TBR's Best of 2011 Pop Edition). Anyways, B finally had her baby, in/around the Brooklyn area this week (with Jay releasing a track featuring his daughter entitled "Glory").

Upon hearing this news, the internet lost its shit, partially because half of it believed she was carrying a pillow, and mostly because they were trying to figure out whether she named her daughter after an unreleased X-Men character or the sister of a villain from the Batman comic book series. Twitter almost exploded.
Who named their baby after Mystique from X-men? We did. 

Anyhow, I have my own two cents to pitch in on the subject. Before I get into that, I just want to point out something to anybody who is pregnant right now, or who may potentially have a baby in the future. Research has shown that people who have stereotypically "black sounding" names have a much harder time getting a job, because their resumes basically get thrown away without getting looked at. Now, if you're a celebrity, you can afford to name your child any foolish thing you want, but if you're an everyday plebeian like me, please choose wisely.

Children who die giving birth to children?
- Shit, I ain't one of them HA!

But I digress.

What actually spurred me on to start thumb-typing was that there were a lot of rumours and conjecture about why she named her kid Blue Ivy, to how much was spent on the hospital, to stuff about security, and some noise about the Illuminati too. Believe what you want, I can't speak to the truth or accuracy of what gossip blogs say.

A lot of people are saying things like how she spent $1.3 million to have a personal suite or whatever, but that's proportionately a small sum compared to the $10 000 that a woman without health insurance would have to pay, especially if you consider that her annual income may be $40-50 thousand a year or less. Many of these women don't even get paid maternity leave, and have to be back at work within a few weeks of having a baby or risk losing their job. The other option is that they end up in the emergency room, and in those cases, they haven't had access to any sort of prenatal care, including education of how smoking, drinking or drug use (prescription or non-prescription) can affect the health and development of their baby.

slight over-generalization.
If you think that's bad, consider that in many countries around the world, many women die in childbirth, because they don't have access to a doctor, nurse or trained midwife. They give birth at home, with their next door neighbour's auntie or whoever, who may have helped deliver a kid 5 years ago.

What's even worse, is that in places like India or Afghanistan, young girls are sold into marriages at an extremely young age. This increases their chance of getting pregnant before the age of 15, when the risk of complications and death are highest. There's a post going around bout how Blue stands for "Born Living Under Evil". No. This shit right here is what's fucking evil. Selling girls into marriage is evil. Little boys and girls that will never know their mommy because nobody cared enough to invest in maternal health is evil. In comparison, a girl named Blue? Not so much. Stupid name, yes, but evil? Not fucking really.

Conspiracy theorists love to make noise about how celebrities, especially black celebrities are members of the Illuminati or some secret society or whatever the fuck. But when it comes to enacting any sort of social or political change, or improving the lives of anybody around them, they're nowhere to be found. The excuse? They can't do anything because the Illuminati is in control. Convenient, eh? Or maybe its because doing something would require you to actually get off your ass, get off Youtube, and put in some *shocked face* hard work?

Don't act like you ain't seen this. 
Anyways folks, there you have my take on the situation. They don't call me the Hatin' Ass White Chick for nothing. I understand that TBR is highly focused on music and entertainment, but music and politics have been mixed since the beginning of time. I hope that this year will be both prosperous and meaningful for everybody out there.

Until next time,
Marie the HAWC.

_side note: this is officially the first post of the year. So seriously, shout out to anyone and everyone reppin TBR! Happy new year!

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  1. They did a study once on conspiracy types...they found that those that are highly susceptible to believing in such things do so because they themselves, if given the power to, would do the same things themselves.

    It's not *really* about helping people or evil n all that, and that's the truth. Two hands working to help someone > all the conspiracy rants in the world.


  2. Oh Word...lemme find out HAWC actually stans for Has Always Wanted Chaos. The illuminati always tryin' to brainwash people. But on a slightly more serious note you suckered me into caring. I thought this was going to be the typical slander of celebrities but now you got me wanting to adopt babies in Indonesia. You're not as hate-filled as i thought. And Twitter More, how am i supposed to know what to hate??