Thursday, August 30, 2012


So on Tuesday, Katatonia (my fave band) released their new album Dead End Kings.  Y'all know I've been waiting for this shit FOREVER! Unfortunately, I won't be reviewing this album because I never review albums by Katatonia as a matter of principle. I can't do it justice. However, I will post this video up with a bunch of reviews from magazine highlighting how dope the new Katatonia album is, as well as, I'll post up some reviews at the end of the post if you wanna read em. One thing I will say is that I have been killing this album since I got it and will be playing the shit out of this album for the next 3 years, until they release another. If you're a huge Katatonia fan and wanna gush over the album, hit me up by clicking here. I'll post some of your words.

Every single album Katatonia has released is a masterpiece, Dead End Kings is no exception. I will honestly state that I have to agree with a review I saw on this album and say that Katatonia is one of those bands that always consistently gives their audience the type of music and quality they deserve and expect. None of their efforts are ever half-assed. If you're a death metal, prog metal, experimental metal fan who loves dark lyrics and unmatched male-metal vocals, I highly recommend you check out this album. You should be able to get DEK everywhere, but if not I suggest you buy it on itunes. You can do that by clicking hereBuildings is their current single off of Dead End Kings. Take a listen below. It's dope.

Katatonia will be playing the Opera House on September 19th with Paradise Lost, Stolen Babies and Devin Townsend. I'll definitely be there, no questions about it. If you're gonna go or want to go, holler at me. I'm very excited about everything as you can tell. The album. The show. The band. I'm completely stoked. You can pick tickets up at any major ticket-retailer around the city.

Dead End Kings reviews via (take your pick):  The Guardian - BBC - Sputnik Music - Allmusic - Metal Undergound - The Digital Fix - Angry Metal Guy - Loudwire - Drowned in Sound - Ultimate Guitar -  Bloody Disgusting   

Alright so we've reached the end of my excited blabbering...

Stream the entire album via by clicking here
Check out Katatonia's official website by clicking here.
Check out the Dead End Kings website by clicking here.
Follow Katatonia on twitter and facebook by clicking here and here.

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